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​vice president

marketing / development

Kevin began his career in drainage as a kid, sitting on the curb with his brother, creating obstacles and conduits for water to travel.  In high school, he worked with Frymire Co. as an architectural and mechanical draftsman. Somehow at an early age, his veteranarian entrusted him the remodel of his personal home.  In college, he worked as a freelance designer.

After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he was recruited by G.E.'s construction equipment business unit in Hartford CT. as a technical sales specialist, designing switch gear. However cut from an entreprenuerial cloth, seven years later Kevin returned to Texas to once again advance his his willful pace.  

His lifetime interest in design, water, landscape and site development led him to Travis Landscape Designs and later to purchase a little known company, Dallas Drain.  His interest lay in a pipe, one that has proven to play a significant role in the future of drainage and sustainability.

His passion for the study of water behavior and design continues to lead him toward a destination not to be arrived at; perfection.  His father, an Annapolis Naval Officer roused up the boys each morning commanding, Get up boys! Today is another day in which to excel!